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Kim Jong-il's Son Wears a Furry Hat: Transfer of Power Imminent

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As North Korea ops continue to be shrouded in mystery, political analysts are turning to omg fashion in an attempt to suss out what's up with Kim Jong-il. Today, Gawker reports that the latest object of interest is Kim Jong-il's son's new fur hat. According to South Korea's Chosun Ilbo newspaper:

A former senior North Korean official identified as Choi, who has defected to South Korea, said, "The hat was customized by a foreign master craftsman using top-quality otter fur. It's an unwritten rule that nobody else can wear such a hat, so if Kim Jong-un is also wearing one, it means he has now reached almost the same status as his father."
· Kim Jong-un's new hat is proof he's taking over North Korea [Gawker]