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President Obama's the First POTUS to Wear Flip Flops in Public

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President Barack Obama will go down in history as the first POTUS to—wait for it—wear flip-flops in public. At least, that's what experts are saying. In photos snapped of the President in Hawaii last week, Obama is wearing pretty standard-looking black flip-flops (Are they Havaianas? Inquiring minds want to know!).

"I can't say I've seen a president's toes before. This could be a very usual thing," said presidential historian Jane Hampton Cook, author of an upcoming children's book "What Does the President Look Like?"

"But I don't think this is a big deal. Your footwear belongs to the occasion. If you're on the beach buying your daughter snow cones, I don't think you can beat him up for this. Now if he's wearing flip-flops to the State of the Union, that'd be different."

Presidential historian Doug Wead concurred.

"In public, no. I haven't seen the president's toes," he deadpanned.

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