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Martha Stewart to Christian Siriano: "You Look, Like, 12"

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart
Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

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On yesterday's Martha Stewart Show, designer Christian Siriano popped by to show Martha how to make a mermaid costume—just in time for Halloween!—using a control-top slip, some shells, and some, uh, big bowls. Our favorite part of the bizarre and hilarious segment? When Martha Stewart told Christian he looks like he's too young to have a tattoo—the conversation went something like this:

Martha: You look, like, 12. Doesn’t he look like he is 12 years old from junior high school?

Christian: I could be.

Martha: Do you feel like that?

Christian: Some days.

Martha: What do you have on your arm though? [pointing to his tattoo]. Twelve-year-olds cannot have that.

Christian: This is a squid and an octopus.

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