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Guess What? Clothes From the '90s Are Now Officially Vintage

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The WSJ has been busy today bruising egos with an article announcing that '90s clothes have officially been deemed vintage. But you shouldn't feel embarrassed, they say, about all of those midriff shirt things you still have in your closet (as long as they're designer):

The vintage world has a message for us: Be proud of your shame. These premillennial looks are no longer passé; they fall into the category of hallowed design history, and are ready to be donned again. Important vintage archives, retailers and private collectors have been avidly hunting down everything from '90s Vivienne Westwood to Helmut Lang for the past several years, waiting for this moment.

They remind us that this season's collections are full of '90s throwbacks—lest we forget that Vena Cava did a zine for their fall runway show, complete with a picture of Gwen Stefani when she had braces and blue hair. Flash-forward to spring 2012, where Nicole Miller's collection was heavy on 1991.

Manhattan's Rare Vintage owner Juliana Cairone says: "Buying from the '90s isn't on everyone's radar yet, so it has still been less expensive than older vintage pieces. It's only going to become more desired." So you here that? You're still cool. Which is good news for those of us who have yet to let go of the glory days of crushed velvet.
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