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The 5 Best Outfit Descriptions from Simon Doonan's Article About Occupy Wall Street

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The always-quotable Simon Doonan is at it again. This time, he's describing the outfits of Occupy Wall Street protesters ("Zuccottees") for Slate. He notes that he assortment of styles are as diverse as the movement's list of demands, but that just means we have more opportunities to bask in Doonan's prose.

1. "Janelle was rocking a fetchingly luscious flesh-colored angora scarf from H&M."

2. "I encountered one young man—his name was Scotty and he was wearing a faux-fur Kmart hat and homemade Jesus sandals—sporting a sign which simply said, “I LOVE YOU.”

3. "While the hippie sages favor traditional Woodstockian attire, their acolytes are wearing nouveau grunge—checked shirts and skinny jeans—from Urban Outfitters and the like."

4. "Nathalie was wearing a Batman hoodie from Hot Topic accessorized with a fake Le Sportsac bag."

5. "Who gets my Zuccotti style award of the week? The orthodox Jews, hands down. On Monday evening, Broadway was overrun with elegant, black-clad Chabad-niks waving their etrogs (weird fruit) and lulavs (long frond thingys) at passersby in celebration of Sukkot."
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