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The Bata Shoe Museum Has Over 12,500 Shoes; Presenting 10 Great Ones, Plus a Trip to Their Two Storage Rooms

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Programming note: We're in Canada. Well, one of us is, anyway. We were graciously flown north for LG Fashion Week (that's in Toronto, y'all), meaning there will be 100% more posts about Canada than normal. So no, it's not because we ran away with a Canuck—we're just here, checking out the local shopping scene, going to shows, and eating poutine.

Toronto has an entire museum dedicated to shoes, and walking through it is like walking through a supermarket while hungry. It's hard not to want everything inside of the Bata Shoe Museum, from their collection of 16th Century Venetian footwear to Vivienne Westwoods. Even crazier, the museum is the personal collection of Sonja Bata, who puts a Manolo-loving Carrie Bradshaw to shame. We've put 10 classics from the permanent collection above, but there's another treat after the jump. We were allowed to tour both of their storage rooms.

15 photos from inside the storage rooms. Don't those 18th Century combat boots look so Madewell?

· Bata Shoe Museum [Official Site]