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Giorgio Armani Loves Blue T-Shirts, Thinks He Looks Like Ethan Hawke

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Derek Blasberg interviews legendary designer Giorgio Armani in Harper's Bazaar, and it's hard to tell whether the interview was short and sweet or if Armani kept his answers curt. Either way, it's surprisingly hilarious. There are some great little gems about everything from T-shirts to nicknames to celebrity lookalikes.

DB: How many T-shirts do you have?
GA: Hundreds. And they're all blue.

DB: If someone wanted to make a movie of your life, who would play the part of Giorgio Armani?
GA: Hmmm, do you mean physically or psychologically?
DB: Both.
GA: Physically, I think Ethan Hawke looks like me.

DB: Who's been your biggest influence?
GA: Me.

DB: Do you have any nicknames?
GA: My mother called me Giorgino.
DB: Does anyone still call you Giorgino?
GA: No, I hate it.

DB: I've seen pictures of your swimsuits. They're always very small. Who makes them?
GA: Giorgio Armani, of course.
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