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The Versace for H&M Campaign Video Sounds Insane

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Just in case you were expecting anything less, do know that the Versace for H&M commercial sounds (questionable and) crazy. The Telegraph explains:

On a elaborate gilded set, (production designer Jan Houllevigue explains how they used all the gold paint in London), director Johan Renck seems to have created a fabulous vision of a model torture camp. In one scene, Lindsey Wixson runs frantically backwards on a giant Versace hamster wheel, while over in the "shadow room," she has to repeatedly climb up a staircase, only to fly backwards to the bottom again. Meanwhile, over in the "manège room" models are trained to march in line in a cage.

But c'mon now, with all that Lisa Frank leopard print and a trompe l'oeil skirt, what did you think the video was going to be—a bunch of models posing?
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