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Forever21 Has Its Very Own Pair of Navajo Panties

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Urban Outfitters received some serious backlash over their Navajo Hipster Panty and other Navajo products not too long ago, so much so that they ended up nixing the word "Navajo" from the product titles. Because it turns out, according to the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990, calling something Navajo that isn't is prohibited.

Well, Forever21 ain't scared of the Navajo Nation, apparently, because they currently have a pair of Navajo & Lace Hipster panties on their website. There are a bunch of other things on the site that are "Navajo," too, like a handbag and a tunic, but maybe the real question here is why more than one company has thought that this predominantly horizontal-striped pattern is a particularly flattering print to slap on a pair of underwear.
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