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What It Means If You Get Chanel No 5 for Christmas This Year

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Even if they didn't have calendars, employees at British department store Debenhams would know when Christmas was coming up--when all the bottles of Chanel No 5 started disappearing from the store. Apparently, when men don't know what to get women for Christmas, they default to a bottle of the only perfume they can recall the name of.

Ruth Attridge, a spokeswoman for Debenhams, says that staffers refer to the phenomenon as 'The Male Sale,' and that sales of the legendary fragrance start about a week before Christmas and spike upward each day as the holiday draws closer. "It's like a starting pistol going off," she says.

And what else do these guys pick up while doing last-minute shopping? Lingerie and jewelry. Sorry for ruining the mystery, but please try to look surprised, ladies.
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