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Celebrities Are Just Like Us: Pink Hates Her "Butchered" Haircut

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

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Singer Pink was spotted yesterday sporting a new 'do that's part bowl-cut, part bad-combover, and all bad. She knows it too. Not long after photos of her new look surfaced online, Pink tweeted: "the woman that did my hair butchered it. i hate it. thanks for pointing out how much you all hate it, too. helpful."

Don't worry, Pink, we've all been there. Sometime around mid-2010, we decided to put our hair in the hands of a senior stylist at one of New York's most-touted celebrity hair salons. For the bargain price of $250, the stylist slaughtered our previously long, straight hair. Slaughtered—seriously, it was like a hair abattoir in there. All the while, he talked about how, "You know, we really give everyone the same haircut these days—piecey, layered, graduated cuts." (Same haircut? That's a great thing to hear when you're forking over $250 for 20 minutes of chair-time.) Anyway, result was that we spent the next eight months wearing our hair in a ponytail and/or futilely trying to style it before it grew out enough to get re-cut, this time by someone we trust.

What was your worst hair experience? Sound off in the comments.
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