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We Love This Bitchy Blog That Makes Fun of Aspiring Fashionistas

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The folks over at Refinery29 found a super-bitchy, but super-hilarious Tumblr called Unknowledgable Fashionista, which basically mocks people who go around telling everyone they looooove fashion, but, when it comes down to it, they haven't got a clue—"Unknowledgable Fashionista is that girl (or guy) that we all know who thinks they know about fashion," reads the blog's description, "but actually know absolutely nothing."

Yes, the blog is super-snarky, especially because it uses the image of a Chanel-toting victim of MTV's reality show My Super Sweet 16 over and over again—she's just a kid, really—and it's not like we're walking-talking Fairchild Dictionaries ourselves, but still, our inner fashion bitch is getting a huge kick out of it.
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