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Simon Doonan Wishes He Never Bought Those Teeny Tiny Panties

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Comedy writer Bonnie Datt once bought a chainmail vest "for clubbing"—a purchase she later came to lament, once she realized that chainmail isn't terribly slimming. Inspired by this, she now spends her spare time asking famous people to dish about purchases they initially loved—but ended up regretting, for Racked's new feature, Buyer's Remorse.

When we think witty style, we think of Barneys' Ambassador-at-Large, Simon Doonan, whose legendary window displays, insightful writings and choice of husband—designer Jonathan Adler—are all a testament to his fabulous taste. So we wondered if this style visionary has ever had buyer's remorse. It turns out, he has.

And just what does Simon Doonan regret buying?

Simon Doonan: Usually, with me, I never get remorse about something that's too outrageous or bizarre. I get buyer's remorse over the swimsuit or the undies that were just too tight. It's not about excess flamboyance, it's about where I underestimate my changing statistics over the years. And suddenly you're in teeny tiny panties and you have to go buy the right size.
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