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Insult to Injury? Crocs Donates 100,000 Pairs of Shoes to Japan

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Okay, okay, that headline is a (kinda mean) joke. Seriously, though, it's a good deed, right? Crocs has announced it will donate 100,000 pairs of its famous anti-bacteria hole-y garden-stompers to Feed the Children and other organizations to redistribute to victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

"We have Crocs employees, wholesale partners and many loyal customers in Japan, and we're honored to be able to assist at a time when the Japanese people need our help the most," said CEO John McCarvel in a statement.

The Denver Post reports: "Crocs is also establishing ways for consumers to donate at Crocs retail stores and online at, with proceeds benefiting the Japanese Red Cross Society." Of course, you can always make your own donation directly to the Red Cross by going to the organization's website.
· Red Cross [Official Site]
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