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Things We're ThisClose to Ordering Today: John's Gold Bar Phone

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A few months ago, in a spur-of-the-moment rash decision (truth: the ever-blinking red light was driving us crazy), we up and canceled our BlackBerry service. Ever since, we've been mobile-operating with only an old-fashioned flip phone—but thanks to John's Phone, we're thisclose to ditching that too. Check out this gorgeous John's Phone Bar, a super low-tech phone-only cell phone that, at $150, works all over the world (except in Japan and South Korea) and only makes phone calls. Yup, no more pesky texts or emails or social media check-ins. Sure, people we know will probably be mad there's no way to reach us without actually calling, but what's a few lost friends when you have a phone that looks like a gold bar?
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