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Whitening Toothpaste Really Does Whiten

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New thing we're trying this week that we like so far: Crest's 3D White Advanced Vivid Enamel Renewal Toothpaste. We scored a sample of this newly-launched ultra-effective whitening toothpaste last week and were lured in by its promises to remove 90% of surface stains in 14 days of use, so we put our Tom's of Maine SLS-free toothpaste on hold for a bit and dug in. After three days? We're pretty into it. Besides the fact that yes, absolutely our teeth are noticeably whiter and glossier after just three days of use, we like how it's not as over-sudsy as a lot of other mainstream toothpastes—so your mouth doesn't get filled with foam right away and you don't ever feel like you're going to choke on mint bubbles. Anyone else try this new toothpaste? Tell us how you like it in the comments. [Crest]