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Brilliant and Hilarious: FashionIndie Breaks Down 10 Vogue Poses

Image via <a href="">FashionIndie</a>
Image via FashionIndie

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After years of flipping through the pages of Vogue, have you noticed that the models in the fashion spreads strike the same poses—over and over and over again? Well, FashionIndie's Style and Culture Editor Lester Brathwaite noticed. And in a two-part series on FashionIndie, he breaks down the poses and demonstrates how to replicate them in, you know, your normal everyday life... like this one, which Brathwaite calls The Pensive Jut. Instructions:

What you’re thinking: I’m deep in thought—about what, who cares? But I’m looking at the solution to all my problems way off in the distance?and it just winked at me.

What you’re doing: Hand on hip, other hand at an opposing but complimentary angle with one leg straight and the other slightly bent.

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