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This 6.77 Carat Diamond Ring Costs $1 Million—at Costco

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Next time you're at your local Costco, you know, buying that 5 lb. box of Swedish Fish, stocking up on frozen shrimp, maybe trying on wedding dresses, and ogling the cut-price flatscreens, maybe you want to pick up a diamond ring while you're at it—a $1 million diamond ring. Yup.

Here are the deets:

IGI Value: $ 1,601,875
GIA #: 5121745439
Metal: 950 Platinum
Diamond Shape: Round Brilliant
Minimum Diamond Weight: 6.77 ct
Diamond Clarity: Internally Flawless ( IF )
Diamond Color: Colorless ( D )
Diamond Cut: Excellent
Ring Size: 7 - Sizeable to any size
Act fast, though, because there's only one. If you miss out on it, the next price down is a $193,999.99 5.11 carat solitaire ring.
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