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Love Launches an iPad App, Wants to Send You Push Notifications

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Of all the Conde Nast properties, Love magazine seems to be doing some of the most experimental (and fun) projects in the digital world. Check out the magazine's new, free iPad app—a series of special videos and features that can be downloaded to your tablet device. We love the main menu page (above), which gives you a fun, animated preview of the downloadable content. So far we've downloaded some Kylie Minogue, some Marisa Berenson, and some Lea T.. Bonus: the Love app will send you push notifications when new content is uploaded and ready for download.

This is what happens when you double-tap one of the squares:

The instructions (can be confusing when you first download the app):

On startup, the app flashes a series of gorgeous editorials at you. One example:

· Love Magazine app [iTunes]