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Nice Bag Alert: Reed Krakoff's Mini Spring Bag, a Hands-Free Option

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Something we've become really obsessed with over the past few months: How to live hands-free—i.e. How to get through life without carrying a handbag. One easy compromise—that still allows us to carry stuff (we've been getting by just stashing things in our pockets, like boys do)—is downsizing from a larger bag to something that's less-unwieldy (or, wieldy? It that a word?) and easy to pop-on and forget about. Check out this adorable spring mini bag from Reed Krakoff. Priced at $525, it comes in red, blue, black, gray/tan, and lizard (which retails for $1,490), with black nickel or rhodium hardware. Small, but sophisticated.
· Reed Krakoff [Official Site]