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Mary HK Choi on her $9 Skirt

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This is possibly one of the best personal-style pieces we've ever read on a blog: "I have worn one with an Olivier Theyskens (no Theory) blouse. Another time with a McQueen tuxedo jacket. I know how many flavors of despicable and broken that type of high-low spazz action is, and if I could trade them in for one really good skirt that wasn’t a product of soul rape, I would. At least if someone offered the swap ("For Alaïa? Don’t mind if I do?"). I think dry cleaning them will yield meth-lab explosions from upsetting the balance of chemical crap that makes up the garment in the first place. When I’m dead, the half-dozen Hitler mustaches of my skirt will pepper a multicolored landfill. They’re conflict body-con skirts. I love them, but they make me feel awful." [Refinery29]