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Toms Will Soon Make More Than Shoes, Can You Guess What's Next?

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That's not, like, a trick question. We don't know either.

According to a note we received today from Toms HQ, less than 10 people in the world know what Tom's next one-for-one (that's buy one and a person in need gets one) product will be. We hear that mystery boxes containing the new thingie will be popping up in locations around the country between now and June. On June 7th, all will be revealed when the mystery boxes are opened simultaneously. What do you think Toms' new one-for-one product is? We want to say "bag," but bags aren't, like, something people in need need, right? Maybe pants. Oh, we don't know.

Also, we can't get over the guy in the video who has a pit bull slung around his neck.
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