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Lady Gaga's Panties On Display at London Lingerie Shop Bordello

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On a little corner in the Shoreditch neighborhood of East London, there sits not Gogol Bordello, but a Gaga Bordello. It's actually the frou-frou lingerie and sexy things shop Bordello, but Lady Gaga's satin underthings taking pride of place in the windows on Great Eastern Street.

You know that moment in Gaga's video for "Born This Way," where she's dancing in just a bra and panties, and she turns and walks away? Well that bra, and those panties slightly stuck up her butt, are by Obey My Demand, a brand sold at Bordello. Apparently Gaga chose the £175 silk and leather studded bra and the £45 silk briefs. We guess this provided too much coverage, hm?

Bordello is the sort of shop where you might see Dita Von Teese picking up necessities. It's feminine, but with a dark edge that allows rivet-studded corsets and backlit glass "sculptures" to fade into the milieu.
· Bordello [Official Site]