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Sneak Peek: Emboss Your Initials on a Gucci Handbag This Fall

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This morning we popped by the Gucci fall 2011 preview and decided that this fall, we absolutely 100% must have our initials embossed on something luxurious and 1970s-inspired—such as, for example, this gorgeous houndstooth Boston Bag. Yup, see those gold Gs? Those could be your initials. Seriously. Come autumn, Gucci customers will be able to customize their leather goods and luggage in-store on-the-spot.

But wait, there's more! Have a flip through our gallery—which, we admit, is mostly accessories, we couldn't help it, they were so good—and check out the super-luxe hand-painted flower trim on the women's dresses, the brilliant hand-dyed furs, and the hand-painted python jacket.
· Gucci [Official Site]