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How Much Does Carrie Bradshaw's Lifestyle Cost?

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We all know TV is well, TV. It's full of unrealistic scenarios with unlimited budgets. Even reality TV is edited to produce a story that will hold captive an audience's attention. So it should come as no surprise when we learn that someone like Carrie Bradshaw can't really afford the lifestyle she lives on Sex and the City. But, it is fun to actually go through and calculate what it would cost to live as Carrie. The folks over at Refinery29 brought to our attention the arithmetic skills of The Frenemy who has crunched the numbers and estimated that all of her expenses (including cabs, dinners, drinks, rent, that lavish wardrobe, etc) would put her 3 trillion dollars in debt! Yes, that's a 3 with 12 zeros behind it. Roughly a quarter of the US national debt. Let's be thankful she's a fictional character or else that debt clock would be going into overdrive.
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