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Bag Snob x DKNY Collection: Available for Pre-Order on Facebook

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The latest in a long line of blogger product collaborations comes to us from the world of accessories—Bag Snob has teamed up with DKNY to design a limited-edition collection of handbags and clutches, slated to arrive in stores this October. Check them out, above.

Based on Bag Snob's handbag m.o. "The Five Essentials," this collection includes one of every bag a woman should, according to Bag Snob, have in her wardrobe—namely, a tote, a travel bag, a "treasure," a trendy bag, and a clutch. "All bags were designed with Snob-approved details, such as pale-gold metal feet, branded Bag Snob x DKNY raspberry jacquard lining, removable shiny pale gold hangtags, and outside pockets for speedy access," says the release.

The bags are available for pre-order now at DKNY's Facebook page. Are you a Bag Snob reader (NB: we're definitely fans of the site and its luxury sensibilities)? What do you think about these bags? Do you think that, if these bags weren't designed by the ladies of Bag Snob, Bag Snob would feature these bags on their site? What do you think about this new (sort of experimental) presumption/trend that just because you blog about something, you're capable of designing it? Sound off in the comments, please, we're super-curious.
· Bag Snob [Official Site]
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