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How to Make Christian Louboutin Really Mad: Stick-On Red Soles

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Shoemaker Christian Louboutin has staked his claim on red soles—the designer is currently suing Yves Saint Laurent for trademark infringement (and YSL is totally fighting back) because YSL's made some shoes with red soles in recent seasons—so there's no telling how mad Louboutin is going to get over Rosso Solinis, these DIY stick-on colored soles.

Created by enterprising 15-year old Irish schoolgirl Tara Houghton, Rosso Solini offers a variety of stick-on colored soles—the most popular seem to be red, polka dot, and fuchsia—that run about $10 a pair and adhere to the bottoms of any flat-soled footwear. The company info page reads:

As you know girls in the fashion circle like the designer look, so Tara Haughton has invented the latest fashion craze to hit the streets, Rosso Solini secret red soles help you create that designer look on a budget!
We're all for colorful DIY fun, but watch out Tara! We're sure Mr. Louboutin has his eyes on you.
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