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Exclusive to Net-a-Porter: Christopher Kane's Laser-Cut Neon Bags

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British designer Christopher Kane's Neon Lace spring collection is pretty much one of the most-talked about looks this season—and we think London's Evening Standard put it best when they said:

Every season there is a collection that, with freakish clairvoyance, seems to nail exactly what women want to wear before they even know they want to wear it. "Neon lace" might not sound like a wardrobe staple, yet when Kane served up his spring/summer collection in traffic-stopping shades of pink, yellow and green, it felt like all you wanted to buy. This is what a good designer does: breeds lilacs out of the dead land.So we're so excited that tomorrow, Kane's Neon Lace laser-cut handbags will be arriving exclusively at tomorrow. The gorgeous leather bags will be priced at $530 and will be available in neon orange, pink, green, and yellow.
· [Official Site]