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Kanye West, M/M Paris & George Condo Collaborated, Scarves Ensued

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Last fall design partnership M/M Paris collaborated with Kanye West and commissioned artist George Condo to create album cover art for Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. M/M created hand-drawn frames for the paintings. This Monday, the results of the collaborative efforts will be available to buy—but not in album form—in silk twill scarf form.

"Each of the five scarves features one of the album covers painted by George Condo embedded in an intricate gold frame with hand drawn lettering by M/M (Paris)," says the release. "The combination of this luxurious visual language over the traditional Twill de Soie is the ultimate celebration of the magically ornamented sounds of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy."

Only 100 of each scarf has been produced. 50 of each design will be available through the M/M Paris website beginning Monday, priced at €250 each.
· MM Paris [Official Site]