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Today is Star Wars Day: How Will You Celebrate? Adidas, Maybe?

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Do you know what today is? Duh, Star Wars Day. (Okay, seriously, we didn't know, either, until someone just told us.) If you're in a pinch and haven't already planned how you're going to celebrate for, oh, the rest of the afternoon, maybe check out Adidas Originals' cool-in-a-nostalgic-sort-of-80s-way Star Wars collection. We're sort of really into the "Attitude" shoes, top right.

Clockwise from top left, you're looking at: the Stan Smith 80s Mid Shoes, $120; the Attitude shoes, $120; the Ultrastar shoes, $90; and the ZX800s, $130.

Check out some of our favorite Adidas Originals Star Wars tops, after the jump. You can shop the whole collection online here.

From top left: Star Wars S Sweatshirt V22581, $85.00; D Track Top, $80; Star Wars Tee V33513, $45.00; and the Darth Vader tee V31729, $30.00.
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