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Ouidad's Deep Treatment for Curly Hair: Strengthen, Soften, Smooth

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It's one of the great mysteries of humankind as to why, as the air around us gets more humid, the hairs on our head freak out and become less manageable. Shouldn't the damper air make our hair less dry and frizzy? We can't figure it out. But then again, we didn't get very good grades in science class. Anyway, the solution we propose this season is Ouidad's Deep Treatment—a leave-in deel conditioner originally designed for use in Ouidad's salons.

The designed-for-curly-hair treatment contains 21 amino acids that help strengthen and rebuild's hair's internal structure—it's great for revitalizing damaged, dry, or chemically-treated hair as well. Leave it on for 12 minutes every two weeks for the first six weeks and once a month thereafter for manageable, softer, healthier, bouncy curls.
· Deep Treatment, $25 for 2.5 oz at Ouidad