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Christian Louboutin Does a Herkie (Kind of) to Welcome Summer

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We love the irreverent Christian Louboutin. The man knows how to make serious footwear without taking himself too seriously. Earlier in the week we reported that he appeared in his Pre-Fall/Winter collection shot in the style of Where's Waldo and now we've discovered a picture of him doing what looks like an attempt at a cheerleading herkie on the biography page of his website.

This hilarious photo of Louboutin also has what appears to be alien spacecrafts flying overhead and the text scrolling up like the intro to a Star Wars flick adds to the syfy aesthetic. Is this a hint of what's to come for his Spring 2012 collection? (Wasn't there a blockbuster movie about the portentous date titled 2012?) Time will tell if this image is foreshadowing a futuristic design inspiration for his next collection, but for now all we can say la Christian! Oh and we're putting our shades on. Because, ya know, the future's so bright.
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