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Mel Ottenberg does Rihanna's Tour Outfits

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Person we're a fan of: Rihanna. Other person we're a fan of: stylist Mel Ottenberg, whose work has appeared in magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, Vogue Hommes International, and Details. Combine these two forces of awesomeness and what do you get? Rihanna's tour costumes. Ottenberg gives an interview to The Cut about the singer's new looks. His outfit descriptions are amazing. Like, for this one (right), he says: "I was thinking of a Fiorucci rave goddess. The bikini is an insane asylum. I wanted to use Tom Binn jewelry, but then I thought, Let’s have him collaborate on an outfit. And Tom was game. Adam Selman made the bra and panties. We fit it four times on Rihanna to make it fit in that incredible way that hugs her curves. Once the fittings were completed we gave it to Tom to paint. When you see that thing in person it’s the most incredible fucking thing." [The Cut]