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Aritzia opens in New York

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Finally, after months and months of waiting, the first-ever Aritzia flagship in New York City has opened its doors—as of noon today, the Soho shop is geared up for business. The largest shop in Aritzia's arsenal of North American locations, the downtown store measures 10,000 square feet and lives on Broadway and Spring Street, next door to Balthazar. We're kind of obsessed with the store design: "Before entering the fitting rooms on the first floor, there's a giant hand-carved hand crossing its fingers, sitting on a bed of crystals. We overheard one of the Aritzia employees explain that it was meant to give shoppers some good luck before entering the fitting rooms. In front of the carving, there's also a table straight out of the Discover Channel store, with edges that bear open geodes." [Racked NY]