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Karl Watch 2011: 12 Events Karl Lagerfeld's Attended So Far

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Photo credit: Getty Images

Last night, King of all Fashion Karl Lagerfeld was in New York (again) attending the Gordon Parks Foundation awards dinner. It got us thinking: Man, this guy is everywhere this year. Paris, Cannes, New York, Rome—he must fly private right?—2011 is the year of the Trans-Atlantic-traveling Karl. We sifted through photo agency images from the first six months and came up with one shot of Mr. Lagerfeld at every Getty Image-photographed event so far this year.

That running joke about how Lagerfeld always wears the same thing? Turns out that's only kind of true. Can you spot the differences in his outfits? We were surprised to see him in a grey infinity scarf in Rome and our favorite Karl-jewel so far this year is the green brooch he wore to Cruise. Just call us Karl-obsessed.
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