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Live-Tweeting From the John Galliano Trial, And More Details

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In case you're interested in following the John Galliano trial, which kicked off about half an hour ago in Paris, France24 journalist Shona Bhattacharyya is live-tweeting from inside the courtroom. If you don't have access to Twitter at the office, you can follow along as the Telegraph liveblogs the proceedings.

Former Dior creative director John Galliano is set to stand trial this afternoon (Paris time) for a variety of incidences in which he allegedly hurled racist slurs against strangers—among other things, plaintiffs claim Galliano called them "dirty Jew" and "Asian bastard." The Telegraph reports that Galliano is expected to "insist at the trial that he lost all reason after taking antidepressants 'like candy.'" The French judicial system does not stipulate a trial by a jury of peers in what's considered minor cases such as these, so the case will, instead, be heard by a panel of three judges.

Interesting to note: The two women who filmed the now-infamous Galliano "I Love Hitler" video have not filed charges against the designer, reports the Telegraph.
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