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Filed under: New Shopping Site Tells You When to Buy Electronics and When to Wait For a New Model

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Ever spring hundreds of dollars on a new camera/gaming console/phone/computer/MP3 player and feel completely bamboozled the week after when an updated, newer, shinier, and cooler model comes out—at a lower price point? Say hello to, a new website two years in the making. This is actually one of the most useful new e-commerce launches we've seen in a long time—and we can't believe no one has aggregated all this information into one place before now (if you're into Apple products, we recommend MacRumors' Buyer's Guide).

According to the Washington Post:

Decide tackles this problem by giving users a service that uses data mining techniques to tell a consumer whether they should buy a device now or wait until there’s a better price on the market... Decide is offering consumers a tool that uses proprietary data and predictive algorithms to tell them when they can buy with confidence, or whether they should wait for a price drop or a new model that’s slated to be released in just a few days. Decide matches hundreds of thousands of devices to their “model lineages” and crawls the Web for news and rumors, as well as applying “advanced machine learning and text mining algorithms” to predict future product releases.
· [Official Site]
· Decide Launches An Electronics Shopping Service That Tells You When To Buy (And Wait) [WaPo]