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Christina Hendricks, Lucky Covergirl, is Designing Swimsuits

Photo courtesy of Lucky magazine
Photo courtesy of Lucky magazine

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We can't wait to get our hands on the August issue of Lucky, which features the gorgeous (and healthy! and buxom!) Christina Hendricks on the cover. Inside, the Mad Men star dishes about dressing for her body type—"I have to be careful about my proportions and keep it simple.What works for me is structure and something that shows my waist."—and why she's a redhead when she's really, secretly, a natural blonde—""I was obsessed with Anne of Green Gables, so I wanted red hair. My mom said, 'I'll throw a rinse on it.'"

Hendricks also reveals that in her spare time, she and her husband design swimwear—though we're not sure they've made any moves to produce the collection. "It's really hard to find a bathing suit if you have breasts," she tells Lucky. "You either get smooshed down or there's no support. My husband and I have sketched out designs." Here's hoping these designs come to market!

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