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Flights + 6 Nights in Hotel at Tokyo Girls Collection Show: $1,600

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Post-earthquakes and post-tsunami, Japan's been ramping up its tourism push—a few weeks ago, travel blog Jaunted published an amazing flight + four nights in a Tokyo hotel deal priced at $780—and now it's time to lure back the shoppers and fashion fanatics. This year's Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC)—a long-running semi-annual fashion festival comprising a week of special shop events, a major blowout fashion show, and fashion parties—has put together a tourism package deal that includes show tickets, flights (priced form NYC), and six nights in a hotel for $1,600. Check out the website for more details and info on things to do while you're in town. Really, the price, can't beat that with a stick.
· Tokyo Girls Collection [Official Site]