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Project Runway Judges Love Cheetos

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Heidi Klum graces the cover of the August issue of Glamour and gives a colorful interview dishing on everything from the inner workings of Project Runway to her personal life with her family. What we learned: her hubby, Seal, loves nightwear—and not the Victoria's Secret kind—"He loves pajamas! He's very English, so he loves pajamas and slippers." And the whole cast of Project Runway is obsessed with fake orange cheese puffs (So are we! Celebrities are just like us!): "Of course, some seasons are better than others," Klum says. "One thing that's stayed the same is that we eat a lot of Cheetos! We all have orange hands, though you can't really tell on Michael, because it blends in with his tan." —Payton Wang [Glamour]