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Garance Dore on Self Service

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Almost everyone who loves fashion has an early memory of discovering a favorite new magazine. Self Service interviewed Garance Dore about her first memories, at age 20, with the Paris-based biannual. "Very early, first issue," Dore says about when she first discovered Self Service. "I was 20 and I was already reading every possible magazine. What is funny is that I was also an avid reader of 20 Ans at the time—a very curious French teen magazine with great fashion pages (Emmanuelle Alt was there at that point). Hélène Fillières, a regular model of 20 ans, was the first model on to appear on the cover of Self Service. I was literally in love with Hélène (I wanted to look like her) and so I bought Self Service right away. Even more than i-D or The Face, Self Service felt like a forbidden fruit to me, like entering a super cool club I was not really a part of." [Self Service]