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Teen Vogue-Branded Handbags & Accessories to Hit Macy's this Fall

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Whoa, Teen Vogue-branded handbags? Who do they think they are, Elle? Ha ha, just kidding.

In the magazine's first-ever handbag and accessories collection designed by style bible Editor-in-Chief Amy Astley, Teen Vogue makes fashion affordable with items including iPhone cases, coin pouches, and wallets—all priced under $40.00. The official line of accessories and bags will go on sale nationwide at Macy's later this fall—just in time for the holidays. Look for a full line of Teen Vogue handbags to roll out at Macy's stores nationwide for spring 2012. —David Chen

UPDATE 7/21/2011: We were contacted by the PR firm with clarification that the spring 2012 handbag line is not yet confirmed. The small accessories will arrive in stores this November. And the pieces were designed by the Teen Vogue editorial team along with Astley.
· Teen Vogue [Official Site]