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Tavi's Shopping a Book

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Teen blogging sensation Tavi Gevinson is shopping a book. Yup. Just one more thing to add to the list of why-wasn't-I-doing-that-at-age-something-teen. WWD reports the book will be about being a teenager: "The proposal suggests a hodge-podge of material: the book will be one part make-your-own scrapbook, one part feminist manifesto for girls and one part celebrity memento collage, featuring art made by Miranda July or Rodarte’s Mulleavy sisters when they were young. It will also include plenty of less heady material: instructions on 'how to make a friendship bracelet,' entries on 'why crushes are so essentially teenage' and perhaps a page to design your own tote bag or 'dream pizza.'" The only thing we disagree with is the crush thing. We still get crushes all the time even though we're, allegedly, grown-ups. [WWD]