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VIDEO: Activists Flash Mob a DC-Area Walmart (With Jazz) to Ask for Fair Practices and Consideration for the Community

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So you know how Walmart wants to move to a lot of big cities and how a lot of big cities don't want a Walmart? See the ongoing hoopla in New York over Walmart potentially coming to Brooklyn. Well, a local activist group in Washington, DC, wanted to make sure that in its local expansion plans, Walmart keeps the community in mind. NBC Washington reports:

The group has a serious message— it's asking the retailer to show respect to the District neighborhoods in which it's planning to open new stores. They want Walmart to meet with community leaders and guarantee, in writing, to improve the quality of life in those neighborhoods, and pay employees a living wage.
Check out the video of the flash mob (music!) above. Walmart plans to open four more stores in DC. Think this demonstration melted their corporate hearts? Ha.
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Walmart Supercenter

3549 Russett Grn, Laurel, MD