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Here's What 6,000 of Helmut Lang's Archival Garments Look Like After They've Been Shredded and Turned Into Sculptures

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Image via The Fireplace Project

Helmut Lang recently shredded 6,000 of his last remaining archival garments to make sculptures out of them, on display now at The Fireplace Project in East Hampton, N.Y. The exhibit is called "Make It Hard," and Hint Magazine sat down for an interview with the man who left us to live among the trees and rip all his clothes up.

In it, Lang says that the pieces were all "put through a big shredder truck under my supervision," and that he "shredded all the pieces without remorse or preference. It was about erasing the difference of what they once stood for." Take a look at the slideshow above to see what exactly happens when you mix a lot of clothes, resin, pigment, and a several other things.
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