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Professional Poker Player Beth Shak Owns 700 Pairs of Louboutins

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Professional poker player Beth Shak buys a new pair of shoes every time she competes—and, well, she's a professional poker player, so she competes a lot. Which means that over the course of her career—seven years and counting—she's amassed a collection of 1,200 pairs of shoes.

“I started loving shoes at 16 and I haven’t stopped since,” she told WWD. “I wore Uggs [once] and a man said, ‘Where are your heels?’ [My name is] synonymous with shoes.”

Her favorites? Hands-down Christian Louboutins. She loves them so much, she's got 700 pairs. “YSL is a close second because the shoes are comfortable," she said. "I love Lanvin, but I’ve never been a brand person. If I see something beautiful, I get it.”
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