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Susie Bubble Talks to the Times About Her Fashion Blogging Career

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If you've ever wondered how Susie Bubble of Style Bubble can afford those often-snapped Fashion Week outfits on a blogger's salary — especially after leaving her regular gig as Commissioning Editor at Dazed Digital in 2010—then read this interview she did with the Sunday Times Style Magazine about the viability of blogging as a lucrative career and the relationship between blogs and the fashion industry now.

When asked why her readers should trust her editorial judgement when she's openly partnering with brands, Susie said "I'm very open with my readers. When I left my full time job, I basically told everyone and said — 'Look you might see an ad next to what you're reading ... that's my rent payment there.'"

On the topic of the sustainability of bloggers' side projects, such as those who go on to open boutiques or start their own labels, Susie went on to say "for bloggers such as myself, I'm just exploring the possibilities of working as a full time blogger doing an array of projects that you may not necessarily see on the blog but are essentially earning me a living. I do think that perhaps brands' fascination with bloggers might wane and that these one-off projects may not go on and on forever. In which case then bloggers need to find their niche and work at that."

Considering she's officially been a full-time fashion blogger for almost 18 months now, blogging daily and still making those regular Fashion Week appearances, it seems Susie's secured her place in the international pantheon of fashion bloggers. And with her money-spinning side projects for brands such as Acne, Club Monaco, Gap and Google's, it doesn't look like she's going to be quitting the internet just yet. —Ana Kinsella
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