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Sperm Bank Lets You Pick Your Babydaddy Based on Dress Sense

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There are a lot of things to consider when choosing donor sperm for baby-making, and now, alongside the obvious—clean bill of health, smarts, height, hair color, eye color, family history of cancer and heart disease—the London Sperm Bank is also giving potential parents the opportunity to narrow their choices based on sartorial sensibilities. British GQ reports:

Apparently it will be assessed by the clinic's staff, with one example reading: "Very individualistic, quirky and artistic in nature. He has a unique 'rock star image' in terms of appearance but not at all in lifestyle or confidence." (Presumably this means battered Converse, black skinny jeans and Ramones T-shirt.) Another is described as dressing in a "neat, relaxed style". It's a step closer to designer babies—at least for brands with recognisable logos.
We've heard of fashion dealbreakers in dating, but what about anonymous donor baby-making? If you were after a vial of good swimmers to merge with your DNA, would a proclivity for flip-flops or tank tops turn you off? What are some sartorial sperm-donor dealbreakers? Tell us in the comments.
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