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Conde Nast HR is "Looking Into" Who's Behind @CondeElevator

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Last weekend, it appears that someone who doesn't care about their job at Conde Nast started a Twitter account called @CondeElevator, where they tweet about overheard conversations, Anna Wintour sightings, and other employees' diets (lettuce, anyone?). It was only a matter of time, then, that the powers that be at the publishing house started its building-wide shakedown in an effort to suss out the rogue tweeter.

ABCNews reports:

"We have no idea if this is real or made up and don't know who is behind it but it certainly suggests that many people care a great deal about what happens at Conde Nast," a Conde Nast spokeswoman said in an statement to today.

Asked whether an effort is under way to uncover who is behind the Twitter account and if the company will allow the account to remain active, the spokeswoman said, "We are still looking into it, so I don't know what will or won't happen."

Who's going to be in deep doo-doo when HR figures out their real identity? Gawker takes a stab at guessing who it is, and comes up with... "a 12-year-old girl in Nebraska, child star Russian immigrants, the teenage boy from Ugly Betty, or Conde Nast PR." Hm. We have our own guesses based on timing and who the tweeter followed first. Any guesses?
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