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Nail Polish The Color of "The Moody Rusts of Menstrual Blood"

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Would you wear nail polish inspired by the color of menstrual blood? Well, if you're into that sort of thing, check out StrangeBeautiful Volume 5, a collection of super-pigmented nail colors created by RISD graduate Jane Schub. This new color collection ships August 15th, costs $85 and includes colors that are inspired by: "the vampiric gradations of a healing bruise; the moody rusts of menstrual blood; sooty, phantasmal India ink; the profile of a gray blue Heron scooping fish against a background of gooey river runoff and the apocalyptic color palette of Medieval Flemish paintings." How autumnal.
· Strange Beautiful Library of Color, $85 at Pulp Lab
· Nail polish inspired by bruises and menstrual blood [Shine]